Copywriting: HHHBuzz eCommerce

Services Provided:

  • Website content writing and product descriptions
  • Extensive background research on technical and medical topics for content creation
  • Website project management
  • Information architecture
  • Coordination with developer


Result: Created a robust new website for this just-launched small business, including eCommerce sales via Shopify, custom research and content writing

Project Description:
HHH Buzz, a small CBD-focused company based in Tampa, Florida, needed a website with eCommerce options for their newly launched business. Working with a developer and a branding designer, I outlined the project needs and scope (including information architecture, research needs, content requirements, SEO work, a custom GPS location app, eCommerce set-up via Shopify, etc.) and contributed to web design, research, content writing, and SEO.

Content for this website required extensive background research to provide supporting evidence for the products being sold. This was accomplished through reviewing dozens of scientific and academic research papers and synthesizing the information into short, easy to understand summaries of the products’ benefits while maintaining a database of links and pull-quotes accessible to website visitors who wanted additional information regarding the supporting studies. Product descriptions for the related Shopify eCommerce store were also required, drawing from manufacturer information and the aforementioned background research to make recommendations to website visitors.

Working closely with a developer, we brought the content and design into fruition a as fully functional responsive website and online store within a four-month turnaround time.

Several concepts and pages from this project are shown here.

Click here to view the live version.