Website Project: Gran Kriegel Associates

Services Provided on this Project:

  • Website project management
  • Website information architecture design
  • Web design
  • Web content writing
  • On-site SEO
  • WordPress implementation
  • Ongoing website management and updates


Created a more search-engine friendly and responsive website for this NYC-based architecture firm that now ranks highly in organic search results for a number of targeted keywords and keyword phrases. Updated project information, staff information, news coverage, and added new website sections to provide visitors with useful information about the firm’s work and capabilities. Several potential clients have reached out directly to the firm as a result of finding the website in organic search results.

Project Description:
The existing Gran Kriegel Associates website was out of date and lacking in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). I single handedly managed the entire redesign project from start to finish, handling all aspects of design, development, WordPress implementation, content writing, SEO, image formatting, information architecture updates, UX, and migrating the new site onto the existing site’s servers.

Using WordPress, I customized a new design for the firm, taking usability and user experience into consideration as I updated and re-organized site architecture, created and wrote new sections, and re-wrote all existing project information. The site was essentially rebuilt entirely to provide more information to potential clients and incorporate better SEO practices in order for the business to more easily be found in search engine results.

Select pages from the final launch version are shown here, as well as several “before and after’ comparisons and an overview presentation of the improvements made. Click here to view the live version.