Proposal Writing: Smithsonian IDIQ Proposal (WON)

Services Provided on this Project:
1. RFP Sourcing (monitoring government agency databases to identify appropriate RFP and bidding opportunities)
2. Proposal Management (managing the proposal project from start to finish, including coordinating with subconsultants and prime firm executives)
3. Managing Government Procurement Needs (SF330 and other required forms)
4. Proposal Writing and Editing
5. Proposal Design
6. Proposal Printing & Submission Under Strict Time Constraints


Sample Pages:
SF330 Section F – Example 1

SF330 Section F – Example 2
SF330 Section H Selected Pages

Project Description:
The Smithsonian Institution, a federal government agency, issued an RFP for an IDIQ term contract for A/E services to be provided by a qualified firm with Small Business standing. Projects under this term contract would be up to $2.5 million per work order.

Proposal requirements included furnishing a Standard Form 330 (SF330) that would outline the proposed team’s qualifications to perform architectural and engineering work at the Smithsonian’s NYC properties (including the American Indian Museum Haye Center, Cooper Hewitt, and administrative offices).

Working for the prime A/E consultant (Gran Kriegel Associates), I managed materials for both the prime and a team of six subconsultants and wrote, edited, and designed the proposal, reporting directly to the prime firm’s Managing Principal.

All materials were required to adhere to federal SF330 standards and processes, and included compilation of staff and subconsultant resumes, selection and synthesis of relevant project data, and writing and editing parts of the main “Approach” section narrative to make a case for the team’s ability to perform on the proposed contract. Care was taken to present past projects in a way that was directly relevant to Smithsonian’s needs, and to present all information clearly and persuasively in text, infographics, and images.

Successful writing, editing, design, and management of the proposal submission followed by a presentation by the firm’s managing principal (I also helped in creating the presentation) led to winning the IDIQ contract.

Date: November 13, 2017