About Sharon

Marketing manager, copywriter, and proposal writing specialist with experience preparing business development and project proposals for both government RFPs and for private sector projects. Marketing, copywriting, and PR experience on both the agency side as well as in-house.

Skilled in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Filemaker Pro, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), print design, web design, website management, public relations, AP style, research, general writing and editing.

Graduated with an MBA from Fordham University and two undergraduate degrees from the University of Florida.

• Pseudonymously published poet, currently working on an interconnected trilogy of chapbooks incorporating apocalyptic themes as they’ve developed across the history of Western culture and motifs culled from pre-war blues music to examine gendered and interpersonal violence in the world today.
• Very nearly became a host on a horror film podcast; project was ultimately abandoned but hoping to revisit again either in podcast or essay format. Particularly interested in feminist readings of horror films / horror fiction and general deconstruction of pop culture and “low brow” media as a whole.
• Slowly researching and working on a series of essays / polemics – “Against Romance” and “Against Pop Magic”, each in their own way analyzing the idea of the Romantic as it’s progressed from 19th century German and English writers through the 20th century and into today. Both essays will build on the work of Theodore Adorno, Isaiah Berlin, Carl Sagan, Richard Hofstadter, Colin Wilson, and others who have examined topics related to either the Romantic movement and romantic mindset or the ebb and flow of pop culture fads rooted in various forms of irrationality, magical thinking, and delusion.
•  Currently in the early stages of building a blog project focused on themed reading lists and the idea of “self help” topics explored not through typical self help / motivational fare, but instead finding meaning in myth (a la Joseph Campbell) and connecting twenty-first century issues to ideas in classic literature, social theory, and philosophy.