Transnet Wage Agreement 2018

Johannesburg – Transport and freight logistics Transnet semi-public and trade unions have reached a three-year collective agreement, incumbent Chief Executive Siyabonga Gama said on Wednesday. Gama said Transnet and the recognized unions, the SA Transport and Allied Workers Union (Satawu) and the United National Transport Union (UNTU), reached the deal on Tuesday night. The United National Transport Union (UNTU) has signed a 7.1% wage increase agreement for its members of the public freight group Transnet. The three-year agreement is postponed to 1 April 2018. The union says the 7.1 percent wage increase agreement covers three years and dates back to April 1, 2018. JOHANNESBURG – The United National Transport Union (Untu) is considering a final wage offer from Parastatal Transnet, but has not ruled out union action if its members refuse the offer. “UNTU continues to be committed to protecting the jobs of all its members while negotiating wages and better working conditions,” said Mr. Evans. Transnet just wanted to “take and take benefits that Untu has fought for the past 30 years, thinking that workers had to agree to give up those benefits while paying the peanuts in return.” Transnet then returned to the bargaining table to offer workers their final wage offer – a 6.5 per cent increase for 2018; 7.25 per cent for 2019; eight per cent for 2020; no reductions for the next three years; and no increases in other supports, including medical assistance and housing allowances. Untu had until January 15 to submit this offer to its members for a mandate to accept or reject the offer. If members do not accept the offer, Untu, Transnet`s majority union, should declare a dispute and refer the dispute to conciliation. Wyndham Evans, president of UNTU, said the union has received a mandate from most of its branches to sign a multi-year collective agreement for a 6.5 percent wage increase for this year, a 7.5 percent increase for 2019 and a 7.75 percent increase for 2020.

He said, however, that the current distribution of the increase would put members in a better financial position in the annual area. JOHANNESBURG – The United National Transport Union (Untu) has signed a contract with Transnet that provides for a 7.1 percent pay rise for its employees. Regarding job security, Gama said it had been agreed that there would be no force-developed transnet reductions for operational reasons during the term of the agreement. “UNTU believes that this collective agreement is the best that organized work can achieve, given the difficult financial situation in which Transnet and the country find themselves, after the international rating agency Standard & Poor`s downgraded the rating of state-owned enterprises to a shitt status last November. Transnet shocked workers on Friday by first placing a very low opening offer on the negotiating table of The Transnet Bargaining Council and then replacing it with a final wage offer after the Labour Party refused to accept it, Untu general secretary Steve Harris said in a statement. . . .