Startup Incubator Agreement Template

Over the past five years, we have spent our fair share of time working with founders on such documents, and the following models are the result of this work. Needless to say, they`re all written for entrepreneurs, aka. It`s good for the founders. Let`s go: 20/2/17: Move documents from the intranet to the public domain startuplab.no to make them more accessible. 17/10/17: New and updated NDA. Shortcut, precise 11.05.19: New updated transfer loan agreement and SLIP contract. . 05.05.17: New documents updated. We checked all documents and updated based on feedback from contractors. Developed in collaboration with our partner SANDS.

And of course, we assume no responsibility for the consequences of using these documents. Please consult a professional before signing any of these documents. 04.10.19: SLIP agreement added. Learn more here.. .