Schedule Agreement Release

Those who work with the traditional approach to adjusting delivery plans in SAP know that defining types and categories as well as maintaining release creation profiles can be a struggle if you don`t know what you`re doing. The above information should prove useful for those working in sourcing and as an introduction to those starting with SAP. Question: 1. Should this happen? Reading the library, I guess after creating and printing sa-release (among other things), the state of the old SA turns green, and if you make any changes, the release number will be increased. I have a problem with the delivery plan (LPA type). I have established a delivery plan and am maintaining the schedule by running the MRP. The schedule could be maintained and I can run the version (generate SA versions for FRC and JIT). The release was documented directly there (I can see it if I view the delivery plan for SA) and I can also print it. The problem is that the status of the documentation of its version is still yellow (even if there are already message editions). As a result, the output number of this SA is still blocked in point 1, although changes in the content of the expression have already taken effect (the transmission of the dividing line has been modified because the RM has consumed the SA or has effects on the current layout). Hello everyone, I found the solution myself, so I post it here:If you publish your delivery plan with for example.

ME84 t-code and output is genreted and distributed, but in Del. Sch. remains the status of the latest “Yellow” version in which you care shell SPRO: Mngmnt Materials -> Purchases -> Messages -> Output Control -> Message Types -> Define Message Types for Scheduling Agreement Release/Expediter, then run Fine-Tuned Control: Forecast Delivery Schedule/Expediter. Here you enable the control box for the 9/A operation and the output you use for the versions. It worked for me. Hi, Tomek 2. That is another matter. the key to view the backlog and the instant requirement is not displayed in SA Release… (I think it should be displayed in the Schedule Line Type column)..

although I did the SA with creation profile, which is the relevant indicator of backlog and instant requirement in the general setting of the creation profile. .