Collective Agreement Support Staff 2020

• A minimum rate of USD 21.15 per hour for all support members and Kaiārahi i te Reo members who currently earn less than this rate. “Additional funds will be made available to school trusts to enable this significant increase. We will work closely with NZSTA to provide information and support to boards to ensure they understand the details of the new agreement. We are also working to resolve other issues raised by the support staff and Kaiārahi. These include the right to pay equity for teachers, which is about to be counted. • The offer also responds to several of our other rights, including the funding of cultural leave for auxiliaries participating in Te Matatini, an increase in the car allowance to accommodate the rate to be paid to teachers and school principals, the revision of the night allowance to ensure that members receive their correct rights and the change of reference from the dirty work allowance to the “Tiaki” allowance. “The comparison includes a Teacher Support Learning and Development Fund of $790,000 over the life of the Collective Agreement for School Support Staff (July 2020-February 2022). This is the first offer made by the Ministry of Education since the collective agreements for auxiliary employees expired in July. “I`m so proud of the struggle we all had to get this offer. We have written to MPs, campaigned in our schools, spoken to parents and attracted media attention. This tireless collective action was decisive,” she says.

Ally Kemplen, a teacher in Auckland, who is part of NZEI Te Riu Roa`s support staff bargaining team, says the offer is a step forward and the result of support staff throughout Aotearoa pulling themselves together and fighting hard to get their work evaluated fairly…