Cancel Contract Agreement Taiwan

[i] Force majeure: is a clause that is often used in the law and that refers to circumstances that were unforeseeable and that may prevent a person from honoring a contract ◆Be sure to understand everything that is written in the contract. Everything must be clear and in your mother tongue. I thought LSA art. 15 applies only to fixed-term contracts (and contracts of more than three years). Otherwise, if the contract does not talk about your right of termination, Articles 488 and 489 of the Civil Code should apply: I will not return to Taiwan, only at the end of the month with a tourist visa for 3 days to recover my belongings. I ask a woman at the Ministry of Labour, she said 10 days, even if a 2-year contract is enough. But I need my boss`s paperwork. ◆Please never sign a blank paper (empty contract). ◆ The worker should be free (is not obliged to sign the contract). ◆Please note that the worker cannot simply leave the company or terminate his contract without due process.

It`s just in English and it`s just a page. In fact, the job offer is that I wouldn`t consider it a contract in Europe, but I don`t know how things work in Taiwan. 6Q: What are the possible reasons for terminating a contract? 5Q: What if I was asked to sign an empty paper (empty contract)? An employee who has a fixed-term contract and who has spent more than 3 years can terminate the contract by giving his employer a period of 30 days. Your 10-day notice is sufficient for your 8 months in the company. If your boss did not accept your resignation, he would be violating the labor law. However, if your contract has a fixed term, another regime applies. . . .