Uq Confidentiality Agreement

Because QAAFI research programs have a strong commercial focus, our students must approve certain confidentiality and intellectual property provisions. Standard agreements are pre-approved contracts that allow UQ employees to enter into fast contracts on reasonable terms. Use one of the following agreements (standard UQ form or agreed cross-cutting UQ) to determine the conditions between the UQ and a provider for the internship of a UQ student. There are also standard agreements on research issues that differ from standard agreements. Access to these agreements is limited to authorized personnel. You can find information about these agreements in our research agreements. Non-HDR students/graduates working on specific projects that require confidentiality or with IP sharing agreements currently in place update our standard agreements. Here you will find our latest changes: take advantage of this agreement if uQ proposes to acquire low-risk consulting services worth less than AUD 50,000. Use these agreements to provide consulting services to UQ or UQ. Intellectual property (IP) is the product of creative or intellectual efforts. IP`s legal categories include patents of inventions, copyrights on a written work such as a work or magazine article, word or phrase marks, new product designs, software layouts and new plant variants. The IP can be owned, allocated and granted, but must first be defined and protected by laws and legal agreements.

Ip rights then determine who can own, use, protect, transfer, market and develop these products. Use this agreement to provide services through UQ`s health and rehabilitation clinics as an independent contractor. Use this agreement provided by the Ministry of Education when organizing internships for high school students (public schools, non-governmental schools and vocational training programs). The UQ has negotiated and agreed intermediation agreements with subsequent suppliers. In order to allow an investment under the terms of one of these agreements, you must complete and sign the current timetable (in accordance with the Directive on Contract Delegations) and have the signature signed by the supplier. Use this agreement if you give copyright to materials related to the UQ Anthropologist Museum. If you cannot secure the investment with any of these agreements, you should negotiate the form of the supplier`s investment agreement. Use this agreement if a person or organization proposes to sponsor a UQ event or initiative. You can find information about the use of the agreement in the user`s guide.

In terms of your IP assignment or confidentiality obligations, please contact the QAAFI Research Team qaafirgadmin@uq.edu.au or your HDR Liaison Officer hdr.qaafi@enquire.uq.edu.au The Faculty of Medicine welcomes a large number of students to their schools, centres and clinical schools. In order for these students to implement a research program or participate in UQ-led research projects, they may need to sign an agreement to ensure that the UQ can meet existing contractual obligations. Use this agreement if you hire an independent curator for the UQ Anthropologist Museum. There are two types of agreements, as shown in the table below. If you change the terms of a standard agreement, it is no longer standard and usually needs to be signed at a higher level. Look at the 5 steps to sign your student ip agreement, as UQ has approved the following standard investment agreements that you can send to a provider. Once the operational data is complete with the supplier, you should ensure that the agreement is signed by uQ (in accordance with the Contract Delegations Directive) and the supplier. Use this agreement if you hire external performers at a UQ venue or event.