Tenant Surrender Agreement Template

For example, the tenant could return the keys to the landlord without specifying that the lease is now complete; If the landlord changed the locks and the tenant returned and wanted access to the property, the landlord could be considered an illegal exclusion of the tenant from the property. NB: If you claim to own the property before the lease is permanently terminated, you cannot charge rent during the same period. For example, if you think the property will be abandoned in June, so you will return in July, you will not be able to also follow the tenant for rent in July. I hope you can help me. I signed a secure shorthold contract a week ago, but since then I`ve discovered that my owner is a hothead. My agreement does not say that my deposit goes into the deposit system, which I know is a legal requirement. When I kindly asked him if he had put my bail in the scheme, he treated me absolutely mentally and called me rude and disrespectful, which scared me. I also had the problem that my heating in my room has no thermostat, so I can`t regulate my own heating, which is covered by my rent, as described in the agreement. He also apologized for it, and this morning he appeared without notice, walked into the common house, then knocked on my door, and even though he hadn`t announced himself with an announcement, I expected to see him and a random guy on my radiator. When I told him that he had to inform me before he came forward, he left mentally, called me and told me I was full of.

In fact, physically, I tremble with fear of this man. I`m afraid of him and his temperament and I asked if I could move prematurely (the deal is for four months). He said that if I made a communication, he would accept it, but there is no non-break clause in the agreement. What am I supposed to do? Can I give him another message? Is it valid and does it exempt me from future parts of the agreement? I told him I`d quit for two weeks, which he thought he was doing.