Tank Storage Agreement Houston

Torrance Logistics operates an oil terminal in the commercial seaport of the unified state. This terminal is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, the absorption of crude oil and petroleum products from rail tank cars, tankers and pipelines, each of our terminals is supported by our own modern petroleum products laboratory quality and quantity control. Our oil terminal serves as the theft of tankers and tankers in our port to various operations, each storage and oil site is equipped with storage tanks with different storage capacities of all types of oil, including jet fuel, diesel Gasoil, Ultra Low Sulfur, steam production capacity and technological pipelines for transporting petroleum products between sites/tanks and delivering it to tankers and bunkers. Road transport – the main form of transport for the supply of petroleum products to distribution tanks and loading points directly to places of consumption (in gas stations, factories, vehicle maintenance, etc.). For transporting oil trucks practically do not use it. The transport of petroleum products by road is mainly for a few dozen kilometres. Over long distances, road transport is not cost-effective compared to rail and is only used where there is no network of other modes of transport (for example. B in the north, etc.). Massive petroleum products (petrol, diesel, fuel, little oil) transported in specialized tankers and trailers, small groups of petroleum products – in containers on board Computers We have sheds with separate entrance, independent hangars for warehouses, trade and exhibition and our complex have several logistics companies. At Ophergasneft, we offer reasonable prices, a flexible discount system, several payment methods – all of which greatly simplifies the process. However, the supply of petroleum products can be problematic. The products are flammable, so you need special transport vehicles and qualified drivers who know how to follow all the safety rules in transportation.

That`s why delivery is such an important service. Nekst not only offers you to buy petroleum products in bulk, we deliver to the desired fuel address. Our delivery drivers are only top professionals. Our company is focused on recruitment. We only accept drivers with experience of no less than 5 years, specially trained under the “Transportation of Dangerous Goods” program. Regular checks and improved capabilities make the work smoother and more efficient. At Nekst, we ensure the use of modern equipment, the fleet and the constant introduction of new technologies – these are the priority aspects of our logistics. Our fleet includes 420 vehicles equipped with the latest technology in accordance with all standards.

When delivering fuel, we use vehicles equipped with pumping stations that allow the unloading process as quickly as possible. supply of fuel transported in railway tankers. During the loading of an oil tanker, the tanker is sealed to avoid unauthorized fuel releases. Closer, but more difficult to identify, a project is a few kilometres southeast of the NRG Stadium. Instead of surface reservoirs, underground caverns are being prepared to begin the acquisition of about 20 million barrels of crude oil starting this year. Most large engineering companies would have to sign up for the construction of storage tanks, which would result in a significant increase in costs for you. With your direct conclusion with OPHERGASNEFT Tank Farm and Logistics, you save money and with our unprecedented experience, we can be assured that we build on time and budget.