Generator Preventive Maintenance Agreement

What was the commissioning date? Who is your fuel supplier? Do you rely on your generator to meet specific needs such as medical devices? Please explain: will you authorize the service to be performed at 8:00 a.m.? JaNein If not, what`s the first hour? Has NNG installed your generator system? JaNein If not, who was the installer? NNG sleep generators offer the most comprehensive wholesale maintenance contract available (“service plan,” “maintenance contract,” “PM”). Our service plan meets the requirements and recommendations of all major generator manufacturers and industry leaders. Inspections include (if any) the general appearance, the lubricating oil system, the engine air filtration system, the engine fuel system, the engine start system, the engine ignition system, the engine exhaust system, the main light machine and the electrical system, the cooling system, the transfer system and the general condition with specific controls in service. We propose three levels of service plan agreements. The three levels offer you the tranquility that your generator is properly maintained and ready for you in your distress time. Our service plan agreements are comprehensive customer support plans that provide priority service 24 hours a day. All three levels include the articles and services listed below (if any). The differences in levels are described here between Elite, Elite Plus and Premier options: This maintenance contract includes all labour costs for routine maintenance related to full inspections and system adjustments, oil modifications and transfer tests, unless otherwise stated the level of the plan. All material costs associated with oil changes (oil, oil filter, oil filter seal) are included. The cost of work and equipment for additional services may vary depending on the level of planning. This maintenance contract includes all costs associated with the correct disposal of all used oils, lubricants, refrigerants and filters. All work and equipment costs for services other than routine maintenance described above, such as the necessary repair.

B, are not included in this maintenance contract. With the customer`s permission, these fees are charged on a time and hardware basis minus plan discounts at the close of the individual transaction, unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of sale. Service checks for the generator system (if any): Do you want to be present during the service and need a scheduled appointment? YesNo Physical 911 Address – street, city, state, postcode (compulsory) . The NNG Preventative Maintenance (PM) contract is extended from one term to the next with termination by one of the parties with 30 days of written notification. This service plan is intended for residential and commercial applications ignited by gas sparks. Plans for the use of diesel and industry are available by offer. Necessary repairs outside the service level are billed with the customer`s permission based on time and equipment, minus plan discounts. Elite Elite Plus customers accept battery changes every three years based on manufacturer recommendations and replacement of air filters and ignition candles at the sale price minus planned discounts (included in Plan Premier). Elite Plus customers agree to change the oil during secondary service if time and hardware-based operating hours guarantee plan discounts (included in Plan Premier). NNG 24-hour emergency services are available for sales and MP customers. Supplements can be generated in times of direct fuel inflation. NNG`s terms and conditions of sale apply.

To request a copy, contact our office or go www.NNGenerator.com. EliteElite PlusFirstRadiator FlushSlip Rings.