Cision Master Services Agreement

If the parties have already entered into a binding and undying agreement, which contains these Terms and Conditions by reference, no separate agreement is reached on each order, but each order is subject to the most recent terms and conditions (available on this page) at the time of each order. 7.3. Limited performance guarantee. The company ensures and guarantees that it will provide the services hosted in accordance with the service level agreement located on cision.com/us/legal/visible-technologies-service-level-agreement/ (the “Service Level Agreement”). The remedies described in Section 3 of the Service Level Agreement are the exclusive recourse of the customer and the company`s full responsibility for contract, wrongdoing or otherwise in the event of a breach of the company`s warranty in this section 7.3. 2.7. Telecommunications and Internet services. The customer recognizes and accepts that the use of services hosted by the customer and its users depends on access to telecommunications and Internet services. The customer is solely responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all telecommunications and Internet services as well as other hardware and software necessary for access and use of hosted services, including, but not limited to all costs, expenses and taxes of any kind related to the above. The entity is not responsible for the loss or corruption of data, lost communications or other losses or damages of any kind resulting from these telecommunications services and the Internet. 19. GENERAL – This agreement includes all interim points, schedules or exhibits between the parties and constitutes the whole agreement of the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous agreements and agreements between the parties. If there is a disagreement between the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and those of Addenda, the calendars or exhibitions added to them, or any other agreement of the parties, these Terms and Conditions apply.

The words that refer to the singular include the plural and vice versa, and the words that refer to a sex encompass all sexes. All uses of the word “including” or “include” mean “included, but not restricted,” and the verb “wants” has a mandatory meaning. The insertion of securities is intended only to approve the reference and has no bearing on the structure or interpretation of this agreement. Words or abbreviations with known or trade-related meanings are used according to their recognized meaning. Unless expressly stated, the agreement is not construed as allowing the customer to resell or broadcast access to services; All rights that are not expressly granted to the client are expressly reserved by Cision.