Dickinson College Roommate Agreement

Once your housing app has been edited, you can check your information about MyHousing in room, roommate and suitemate. Applications are processed until July 31. If you do not have information about your accommodation by the end of the second week of August, please contact Housing and Residence Life at reslife@fdu.edu. For data protection reasons, we cannot publish specific room assignments or roommate information by phone or email. Hendrix is a residential university and, as such, all students must live on campus unless they complete the residence permit exemption. The residence permit forms are available at the Residence Life Office. In addition, all students who live in halls or houses must have an unlimited diet. All students who live in the apartment must have at least the plan of 5 meals. Each resident should also take responsibility for communicating concerns to their roommate, AR/CA or other employee in a timely and productive manner to address concerns. Every year, a supplier called On Campus Marketing sends information about the purchase of college sheets. The only company we work with is On Campus Marketing (OCM), which has an agreement with the Residence Hall Association (RHA) to make available a portion of the proceeds from the sale to RHA for the management and development of programming in the residences. One of the most common areas of the roommate conflict is the accommodation of guests. Customer visits are limited and require prior written permission from your roommate and/or suitemate (Lindens) for each visit.

Click here to read our guest and tour guides. If you talk to your roommate about these key points, you can avoid conflicts before they happen. Roommates are coordinated based on the answers provided to the housing -Meal Plan application, so it`s very important that you are thoughtful and honest in your answers to lifestyle questions and your choices. If you ask for a roommate, you have to ask each other. Yes, residential life understands that your plans may change during the summer months, or maybe you have met someone during the orientation with which you want to be associated as a roommate. All requests are considered, but are not guaranteed. The deadline for filing your application is July 15. Click here for more information. 3.

Attend a mediation meeting with your roommate and RA/CA. Students cannot accommodate guests for more than 3 consecutive nights, they cannot accommodate a guest for 3 nights, let the guest go, then host the guest for an additional 3 nights, etc. Residence Life and the roommate must allow exceptions – even during breaks. To help develop and maintain this connection, you can get a roommate`s agreement from Resident Advisor or House-Apartment Manager. This document is used to open the lines of communication between roommates on housing styles. If necessary, community counsellors and other trained staff are available to communicate conflicts between roommates. 4. Change your agreement and set guidelines for how to proceed.