Agreement Po Slovensky

shoda: in agreement/agreement with sthshodné with what is in soulad prenuptial: marriage/marriage/contract contract, appeal. prenuppéed marital union: union agreementcommittee smlouva with the management of the company knock: knock-for-knock agreement agreement on the strrubs of each poji`ovna cover yen damage to the dreamy client agreement: be in agreement with sb souhlasit, bee one with who, myth`s opinion se: We haven`t come yet a agreement. We did not agree. Principle: agreement in principle on the fundamental principles of the smlouvy partnership: polechska partnership agreement smlouva dspét: we have reached an agreement. We have reached an agreement. Leasing: mlouva lease-sale contract in silent prodeji tranches: tacit agreement/authorization/consent, tacit consent, tacit consent, oral agreement: oral agreement/traditional agreement/pre-departure date/object of agreement/contractual rights. Pre-lease/rental contract, rental contract, rental contract/ contract jemné smlouva: lease n`jemné smlouva k nemova – Loan contract guaranteed by stocks in the detached house – Sale contract – Purchase contract – Lease , Purchase – Contract, Purchase – Agreement reached later – Agreement reached later – Agreement on the limited liability of the insurance company for the dangers of war by the sea – Agreement on – arrangement of something – understanding of something – arrangement between two insurance companies on the agreement of agreement agreement agreement agreement agreement concord pact.